Splendour Festival announces partnership with The Dinosaurs of China exhibition for VIP ticket holders.

February 20th, 2017 at 5:24 pm


Splendour Festival is proud to announce that VIP ticket holders for this year’s event will now also gain access to the very special Dinosaurs of China exhibition on the day of the festival!

The Dinosaurs of China exhibition shines a new, never before seen light on the extinct species, showing not only bones, but soft parts including skin and feathers. This breakthrough in research proved that dinosaurs as species were much more diverse than originally thought. Some feathered dinosaurs, which eventually learnt how to fly, evolved in to birds similar to ones we know today.

Completely new to science, all of the fossils exhibiting have been discovered in the last 20 years, with some being discovered as early as 2016.The exhibition will feature huge three dimensional mounted skeletons of the dinosaurs, as well as original fossils and detailed replicas. The groundbreaking, world exclusive exhibition has never before been shown to Europe, and now you can view it as part of your VIP ticket wristband!
What are VIP tickets?

VIP tickets are the premium way to enjoy the Splendour festival experience. VIP ticket holders will enjoy a whole host of benefits including:
• Access to our fully accessible VIP garden
• Big screen with picnic and seating area
• Exclusive entertainment
• Gourmet Food to impress even the most ardent foodies
• Well-stocked cash bar with a quality choice of drinks
• Luxury toilets
• Access to the Dinosaurs Of China exhibition

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